ابل ايفون 15 برو ماكس

【3 Pack 10FT Long iPhone Charger Fast Charging Cord】 The iPhone fast charger cables 10 ft MFi Certified equipped with the latest C94 terminal and MFi Chip, ensures 100% perfect compatibility with lightning devices and 480 Mbps data transfer speed. Tangle-free 10 Feet length is convenient…


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ضبط التنبيه للمنتج: Lazerbuilt 10 FT iPhone 15 14 Charger Fast Charging, 3 Pack PD 20W USB C Fast Wall Charger Block with 3 Pack 10FT Long Type C to Lightning Cable Compatible for iPhone 14 13 12 11 Pro Max XS XR X 8 - $14.99
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ابل ايفون 15 برو ماكس
ابل ايفون 15 برو ماكس


  • محصّن بالتيتانيوم – يأتيك iPhone 15 Pro Max بتصميم قوي وخفيف من التيتانيوم المستخدم في مجال الطيران والفضاء، مع سطح خلفي من الزجاج المركب غير اللامع. ويتميز أيضاً بواجهة درع السيراميك الأقوى من زجاج أي هاتف ذكي، كما أنه مقاوم للطرطشة والماء والغبار.
  • شاشة متطورة – تستطيع شاشة…

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  1. Claudia

    Good price fast charging. Fast charging and good price for three boxes and cords and durable

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  2. Michelle K

    Purchased for hospital stay. Charge very fast and the 10ft cord was necessary for hospital stay. 3 in a pack – have one to my husband and father and they use it daily. I now have it plugged in to an outlet near the bed and I can use my phone clear across my king bed. No more bent wires and plug falling out. Would purchase again and again.

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  3. Ashley Santos

    Wow. Been with Samsung from the very beginning of the galaxy line and not happy with their newer devices. The last decent phone they had was the note series which is now gone. So I decided to give this a try again and wow it is smooth clear clean just everything is right about it feel is great in the hand weight is good battery life is amazing. Very surprised how clean and well setup this thing is unfortunately boost infinite is a terrible service provider and i sent the device back.

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  4. Carson

    (Fixed/Updated Review) Great Customer Support. *Updated Review 11/03/2023*Boost customer service has been more than helpful. It took about a week to start seeing improvements within their network. I missed a call from a Tech at Boost today, and I received a text message. They stated their name and said they have been making changes on their end to improve their service, and asked for my feedback. I was honest and said that I have noticed a HUGE difference. The call quality and overall service has improved drastically. I also let them know that I still have some random call drops in certain areas. The Tech assured that they were going to continue working to improve overall experience. Like I said in my original review, they are going through some growing pains with their new “America’s Smart Network.” My only complaint now is that everything cannot be accessed through their website. If you want to view your account and pay your bill, it has to be done through their app on your phone. In conclusion, it is a bit of headache at first, but their outstanding customer service has made it well worth it.*Original Review*Boost Infinite’s network is not good if you travel a lot, or want to have a call that doesn’t sound like you are talking through a Walkie Talkie. The company is owned by Dish Network and is going through its growing pains. There are 3 types of eSIMs that can be assigned to the iPhone 15 through Boost. The most likely eSIM you will receive is the Dish Network eSIM that switches between all the partnered networks; AT&T, T-Mobile, and Dish. The Dish eSIM, which connects you to “America’s Smart Network,” is what I received. Note that it is random to which one of the 3 eSIMs you can get. Coverage is great, but if you are traveling away from home, you will drop your calls constantly if you talk on the phone a lot while driving, as it switches to different towers. Regardless, my biggest complaint is the awful call quality, which you cannot get away from; even on Wi-Fi calling. I can say their customer support agents are very friendly, which is the only thing keeping me from switching so far. I have been patient, and will wait a bit longer to see if it gets better before I switch back to Verizon.

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  5. Tim

    Excellent Phone. Excellent service. Excellent deal. I really disliked my previous phone due to the continuous lip (for the camera) incorporated into the entire width of the phone. This caused it to be a vending machine of sorts, pulling change out of my pocket every time I withdrew it. It also ran supremely hot and the battery life declined miserably over time after using it a lot as a hot spot. I’ve only had this “top of the line” iphone for about a week now, but it’s already a lot better than my previous phone. I took a chance on Boost Infinite because they use three different towers to collect signals from (tmobile, AT&T, & Dish) which theoretically gives my phone better reception. IT DOES. My previous phone rarely captured 5G signals, and it’s much more frequent with Boost. My bosses iphone, which only uses AT&T almost never has 5G when I have 5G. I haven’t used the phone as a hot spot yet, so I cannot comment on how hot the phone gets on heavy load, but it’s already cooler under normal operation. It’s probably not fair to compare battery life of a new phone over a less than two year old phone, but already better than I can remember with the other flagship alternative. I somehow got this iphone 15 Pro Max for $60/mo on amazon. That deal no longer exists and it will be about $6 more under current offerings by Boost Infinite. Comparatively, T-Mobile is offering this phone at an upgrade price of $50/mo….JUST FOR THE PHONE! This plan through BOOST INFINITE also gives me a new phone EVERY YEAR! I have no regrets whatsoever. Even at current deals it’s a bargain.

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  6. richn

    Excellent deal but not if you own an Apple Watch with cellular. Excellent deal with an iPhone 15 Pro Max and unlimited cell and data plan all for $60/month BUT if you use an Apple Watch be careful. The Apple watch app on the iPhone says it is not supported and Boost also say Apple Watch is not supported at this time but I was able to pair my watch and it works just fine on WiFi, it just doesn’t support cell service on Apple Watch. So if you currently have an Apple Watch with cellular, you will need to turn off your cell plan because it doesn’t work. Bummer – I can’t go running with my watch and take calls or map my runs unless I carry my phone too. Otherwise a great deal, I’m sure they will enable cell service on watches in a month or two.

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  7. Daniela Perez Ramos

    Good Product. Ordered yesterday and it came in today! I’m happy with my purchase and it does the job! Great pricing as well!

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  8. Daniela Perez Ramos

    Exactly what I needed. Can’t get much better than this! Fast charge and long cord?! Perfect. Just what we needed

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  9. Bienvenido Navarro Jr.

    Value product. It allows charger in needed placez

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  10. Amy Wilcox

    It’s exactly what it says it is. What I liked about having this is that I have it located through out the house for where I would be and my phone needs to be charged even having a back up when the charge wire gets broken

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  11. Corey

    Exactly what was expected. Charged my battery very fastQuality cord

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  12. Briana

    Quality, durability and cost.z. Nothing to dislike with the product. For my personnal use.

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  13. Ramon H Hernandez

    Over priced. The price is almost doubled…that is bad…

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  14. محمد بدوي

    جميل جدا. منتج اصلي وجميل جدا

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  15. سعود الفقيه

    رائع وممتاز وبسعر ممتاز أشكر أمازون. رائع وممتاز وبسعر ممتاز أشكر أمازون على حسن التعامل

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  16. Amazon Customer

    جميل جدا. خفيف الوزن غير عن الإصدارات السابقة

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  17. لافي الشمري

    رأي بعد استخدام الترا s21 ونوت 10بلس. سرعة التوصيل + جودة المنتج + الضمان سنتينالحرارة كما يشاع ما شفتها ويمكن انها سابقا قبل التحديث ، مستمتع بالتجربة اللهم لك الحمد .

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  18. Sajid Kiani

    Cutting-Edge Innovation and Design – Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max (256 GB) in Natural Titanium. The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max in Natural Titanium is a marvel of modern technology and design. Its aerospace-grade titanium construction gives it an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio, making it the lightest Pro model yet​​. The Super Retina XDR display with ProMotion technology offers a dynamic and responsive user experience, adapting refresh rates up to 120Hz for exceptional graphics performance​​.Photography and videography reach new heights with the 48MP main camera, capturing stunning, high-resolution images with excellent low-light performance. The Photonic Engine enhances portrait quality, offering beautiful detail and true-to-life colors​​​​. Video capabilities are equally impressive, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max being the first smartphone to support the ACES color standard for professional-grade video production​​.In terms of connectivity, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the first to support USB 3, offering up to 20 times faster file transfers and Wi-Fi 6E for rapid wireless speeds​​. Additionally, it allows shooting ProRes video directly to external storage, supporting ProRes 4K at 60 fps, ideal for professional filmmakers​​.Overall, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is a pinnacle of smartphone innovation, combining robust build quality, advanced display technology, and superior camera capabilities in a sleek, titanium package.

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  19. رهيب وطعمو خفيف

    منتج سليم. سرعة في التسليم

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    محاولة فتح ؟؟. حسيت كأن في أحد حاول يفتح الكرتونبس الجهاز له معي حول الاسبوعين ما فيه شي وممتازمن كل النواحي ، يمكن وسوسة منيكثير نصحوني آخذ ال 14 الحمد لله ما سمعت شورهم

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  21. اللوو جميل

    اللون جميل. اللون الازرق عجبني

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